Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let Us Eat Cake!

Our Year of Cake has begun! And just like Year of Pie, rules must be followed!

To start, I must say that it was difficult to decide on a definition of cake that was satisfactory to us. But here is what we came up with:

1.) Cake must be equal to or higher than one inch.

2.) It must be such that if someone walked into a room with your cake, they would say "Oh, look at that cake." It must be cake-like in appearance.

3.) Just because it has cake in the title doesn't make it a cake for our purposes, such as pancakes, crab cakes, or beefcake (Listle wanted to include a picture of her husband here).

4.) Alternate versions of cake are acceptable, such as flourless, torte, meringue, coffecakes, etc. Use your best judgement, per criteria 3.

5.) Any shape of cake is acceptable.

Here are the rules we must follow:

1.) We can't make the same cake in the same month.

2.) We want to explore as many cakes as possible, so no repeats per individual. You can, however, make the same cake as someone else later in the year.

3.) The cakes must be shared with one other person -with witnesses, who may or may not also get cake.

4.) In addition to 12 cakes, one cake must be given in full as a gift - if only for the excuse of using a folded cake box. In Listle's words, "Because it would be so fun!"

5.) For at least one cake, we must break out the piping tools.

6.) We will incorporate reviews of good cakes that we didn't make that we eat throughout the year.

7.) Finally, keeping up on posting on the blog is obviously a bit of a challenge for us :). So we must post our cakes within one month of baking them.

Let's go, cake nerds!!!!


Sarah said...

Congratulations on a fabulous year of pie! Inquiring minds want to know... will you be continuing to publish at Our Year of Pie?? :)

Control said...

Consider this my formal request for a Yule Log cake before my departure. Also, don't forget to make me a cake for my Party in August. It's all on your head, Comrade!

ferskner said...

Sarah - yes, we will keep this same blog, and I'll just revamp everything to reflect cake instead of pie.

Control - I'm making THE Party cake?!