Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In the Beginning...

So Listle decided that she wanted to make a pie before she turned 30, and it was the worst experience of her life, almost as bad as reading The Great Gatsby in high school.

A few years later, Ann became a member of the Pie of the Month Club, the brainchild of her friend Sue Anne. She told Listle about the site, knowing she would be transfixed.

Per Listle - "I liked the sound of that - the phrase, 'pie of the month', and thought 'What could be the harm of doing one pie a month for one year only?'" Soon after, she called up Ann and frantically asked her, "What's wrong with making a pie a month?!" becoming more and more adamant and manic. To which Ann repeatedly asked over Listle's shouts, "Who said there's something wrong with making a pie a month? No one ever said that! Mom didn't say it! Dad didn't say it! Lee didn't say it! Matthew didn't say it! Barbara Boxer didn't say it! The prophet didn't say it!" But you know who had said it? Listle, in her heart. She put aside her fears and realized that she COULD master the art of pie making.

Listle started making pies in October, with Ann helping her make two for Thanksgiving. However, at the New Year, Ann decided that she wanted to join in full-time on Year of Pies so she could learn as well. She suggested that they blog together about their lessons and experiences because blogs are just so hip. The Year officially re-began in January 2008.

To begin, here are our criteria of what equals pie:

1.) A pie must have a crust base - it does not have to be a traditional pie crust (i.e. pastry), but it must under the filling, so cobbler doesn't count. The crust does not, however, have to be in a traditional pie plate - free-form pie or galettes/crostate are good.

2.) Even though tarts could count, we are choosing not to include them for Year of Pies because they have already been mastered.

3.) Any fillings are acceptable - sweet, savory, umami, whatever.

Now, here are our rules for pies throughout the year:

1.) We can't make the same pie in the same month.

2.) We want to explore as many pies as possible, so no repeats per individual. You can, however, make the same pie as someone else later in the year.

3.) The pies must be shared with one other person -with witnesses, who may or may not also get pie. No taking fork straight to pie.

4.) All crusts must be handmade. No storebought crusts - otherwise, there is no learning process involved, which is the whole point.

5.) "You can't just fill up a crust with Cool Whip and call it pie." - Listle

Done and done! Let the year begin!!