Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You may have noticed...

Dear lone reader,

As you probably have realized, there haven't been any postings in Our Year of Bread in quite some time. This is not due to a lack of devotion to our beloved blog, nor to any horrific falling out between sisters (although Listle has pulled enough stunts in the past year to warrant my hate, as well she knows...). Rather, the major focus of my life completely fell apart, and I just didn't have the desire or energy to pretend to rib my sister about her baking skills, much less make bread. We discussed our options and decided to go on temporary hiatus until I felt like baking again. However, one thing we didn't discuss was who would let everyone know this, so our apologies for keeping you in the dark. A new year usually brings a new baking project, but for us, it brings a return to the Year of Bread. Plus, I have more friends with stand mixers now that live in town! Here's to a better year than 2010, and here's to some wicked awesome bread!!!!

Love, Year of Bread