Thursday, February 12, 2009

Year of Pies: Memories and Reflections, by Elizabeth

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

I loved the year of pie. I loved doing the "Pie of the Month" by myself for a few months, but when Ann jumped on board in January and we made it "Year of Pie," it became astronomically more fun.

Favorite pie: (Besides August's Cutie Pie) Probably the Chocolate Cream Cheese pie in September, but I loved all three chocolate submissions.

Favorite looking pie: The apple pie by far! I'll never forget how it felt to open the oven and say "WOW, that's my pie." I loved it.

Most satisfying moment in the year of pie: Reading about Ann dropping her cheddar-topped apple pie. HEElarious!

Favorite line in the posts: When Ann said (about the same cheddar-topped apple pie) "Suddenly I had an American icon on my hands." Brilliant!

Regrets: Having such a lame summer of pie because of being pregnant. I missed all the summer fruit. But I'm going to do some pies this summer (APRICOT!!) to make up for it. I also regret not doing lemon meringue, like I had intended to. A person cannot do a year of pie and skip doing a meringue! This is another thing that I must remedy.

Most fun pie audience: Ann.
It was very fun taking the pie to random occasions this year (which is why I don't have a scheduled pie audience, like Book Club or girl's night out or anything), but hands down the best pie audience is Ann. When we made our pies in November, we'd get so excited together, and then we'd take our bites and nod while we concentrated on the flavors, ultimately declaring a winner. I loved it. I wish she could taste every pie submission of mine!

Best pie expression: Shut your pie hole. But there are many other good ones!

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