Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bread Is the New Black

Dear Reader,

We know. It's been a long time since our baking antics have been recorded. We're sorry for that. Our lives have finally calmed down to a point where we are both willing AND able to work on this blog again, and we're excited! Let's return back to the criteria we wrote in 2010....

To start, Listle and I have found it almost impossible to define "bread". There are a lot of things we want to make that could be called bread, but don't have leavening, so we can't use that as a rule. We can't say anything that's a staple is bread, because there's a lot of superfluous bread products. We can't say that anything that can be made into a sandwich counts as bread (although cinnamon rolls sandwiching some nutella and banana could be quite tasters...). We'll probably discuss and refine our definition a lot throughout the year. So let us say that, like pornography, we can't tell you what bread is, but we know it when we see it.

Here are some rules:
1.) Six of our twelve breads must have yeast (it's no good to do quick breads all year - and yeast seems to be what scares people, meaning us).
2.) We can't make the same bread in the same month.
3.) We want to explore as many breads as possible, so no repeats per individual. You can, however, make the same bread as someone else later in the year.
4.) The breads must be shared with one other person -with witnesses, who may or may not also get bread.
5.) We will incorporate reviews of good breads that we didn't make that we eat throughout the year.
6.) We will include book reviews related to bread.
7.) Finally, keeping up on posting on the blog is obviously a bit of a challenge for us :). So we must post our breads within two weeks of baking them. (We found that we were forgetting details of our cakes last year because we waited too long to post. No good!)

Thank you for reading again! We're happy to be back!

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