Monday, February 13, 2012

Cookie Review - Tiffany's Bakery

After school last friday, I took a break from my usual role of The Boring Mother Who Asks You To Do Homework And Practice Piano (I've carefully honed my craft), and I took the kids to the bakery around the corner. We brought along Adam's friend, Holden.

 Two of my short kids and one very tall friend

Ann noticed that Luke has two different shoes on (pretty common at our house). Good eye, Printer!

When we moved here, I was really excited to see a bakery so close to our house. I love bakeries! But Tiffany's was really disappointing. It reminds me of a grocery store bakery that hasn't found its grocery store yet. The bakery items are unimaginative and lackluster. There is no bread sold at Tiffany's Bakery. There are donuts, sugar cookies, m&m cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and decorated cakes, in addition to a few other random items. Nothing I have tried has been very good. When you steal a bite of your kid's cookie and kinda wish you hadn't, then you know something is very wrong.

This time I asked the worker to give me the best cookie in the place. He gave me four kolachies

They were filled with apricot and raspberry jams. They were better than other Tiffany's items I've tasted (even the sugar cookies are lousy. The SUGAR COOKIES! How can you go wrong with a sugar cookie?), but the kolachies weren't all that great either. They didn't have good flavor, and they weren't flaky.

All in all, it was a fun trip with the kids, but as far as a "cookie run," it wasn't very satisfying.

There is another bakery about 3 minutes farther down the road. Its offerings are quite good, but very expensive. We'll go there another Friday after school and review the cookies. It might require a subsidy of some sort. I'll make the kids hold up cardboard signs on the corner, and I'll post about that too.


ferskner said...

Ahhhhh I've always meant to ask you about that place since I drive past it every time I come to visit. I think I asked Jeff about it last time, but it's sad that it's mediocre. Did the kids like it at least?

Elizabeth said...

Oh yes. The kids beg to go there. I shake my head at their unrefined palates.

JenandJosh said...

I was glad to read this as I have wondered about that place too, my dad has gotten a few pies from there, but I didnt think those were very good. So where is the good bakery at that is a little more pricey???

Elizabeth said...

Jennifer, the other one is West Side Bakery. A whole lot better, but oh my, the prices.

Emily O. said...

I agree about Tiffany's. West Side Bakery has yummy cutout cookies- also cute and expensive. But I'm not super impressed by their other baked goods. They look gorgeous, but the flavor of their cakes is grocery store. I'm pretty sure their buttercream icing is crisco. At Passover their round raisin Challah bread is to die for though. Their Whoopie pies are also yummy. Cleveland has better bakeries- you should make some field trips!