Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Elizabeth and Ann's jointly-made November Pies - Cherry Pie and Pecan Pie

For November, Ann came to Akron for Thanksgiving. She brought her delightful roommate, Marcue.

We made 2 pies--pecan and cherry--and Marcue made a pumpkin cheesecake (which later became "floor cheesecake" when Elizabeth dropped it. Thankfully we had all had a piece).

Ann made the crusts for the pecan and cherry pies. It was a velvety and gorgeous dough! Perfection. Elizabeth made the cherry filling, and Ann made the pecan filling. (Ann's note: please read the above as "Ann made the crusts and both the fillings but graciously allowed Elizabeth to claim these as her November pies.")

The cherry filling (Ann's gang sign)

This picture makes Elizabeth glad she cut her hair.

Hands of sisters, Hands of love.

Completed pies. Hurray!

Ann's comment: It was very important to me to make a lattice-top pie this year because to me it seemed the most daunting, yet also the epitome of pie. But who knew! in the end, it was easy as...you know.


Control said...

Yessss, cherry pie! One of my very favorites. I wish I had gotten a taste of the pumpkin cheesecake though...how about another one, hmm?

DeskSet said...

These were yummy pies. All of them! Also, I think it should be mentioned that the first picture of the cute little girl is NOT me. But she's still cute.

Thanks for inviting me over for Thanksgiving, Listle! I really enjoyed it!

-Marcue :)