Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Elizabeth's July Pie - Lemonade Pie

I went easy in July. I was super sick with Baby #4, and I couldn't make a decent pie of any sort.

The product of a bad pie month: Lemonade Pie!

1. Make graham cracker crust. Cook it.
2. In a bowl, mix lemonade (6 0z.) and vanilla ice cream (quart). Pour into crust. Freeze.


There are actually better versions of this pie, some of which involve whipped topping, cream cheese, and/or sweetened condensed milk. I know it sounds preposterous, but I couldn't even pull one of those off. It doesn't matter, though. My kids loved this, but my kids pretty much ate toast for all of July, so them loving this pie was the equivalent of the troops in Iraq loving a USO tour from Cher.


ferskner said...

Oh man, you came so close to breaking the "you can't fill a crust with Cool Whip and call it pie" rule. Luckily, I believe that Bluke is worthwhile and I don't anticipate hating him, so I will overlook this. And it sounds freaking good.

Year of Pie said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention how hard I laughed at the Cher line. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!